M-1 not dead yet - Fedor & his Ministry Of Sport, the federal assembly, and Putin may save the day

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M-1 not dead yet - Fedor & his Ministry Of Sport, the federal assembly, and Putin may save the day

Post by Dagwood on Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:55 am

Russia 2 is state freakin' television. This isn't some lil' US cable network or Showtime. Looks like someone's gonna get a bit of a talkin' to.  Shocked

We have the government run CBC (Canada's BBC) here in Canada. There's no F'n way NHL hockey or CFL football would ever get dropped for anything solely American. There would be a revolution.

They don't show live Bellator and UFC in prime-time in Russia. It's on in the middle of the night. They can't get M-1 ratings even if people knew what the UFC was. They know Bellator though after the Russian invasion the last few years. They don't know UFC. Go Google Trends UFC then Bellator...

- Cursor over Russia for each
- Look at top 10 regions on right


American wrestlers with no legitimate kickboxing or submission wrestling skills will never go anywhere in the former CCCP. Russia is the mecca for the best combat sport athletes in the world. Wrestling, judo, karate, and on and on. Not like the guys they pull of the street in TUF era UFC. American wrestlers, you can go to any playground and see better wrestling than Div I NCAA wrestling. lol. And then you should look at the Russian kids over 16 at the playground. Ahaha.

"We have our own fighters who perform successfully in the same America. Here is necessary to show them "

On one of the federal channels brewing scandal that threatens to escalate into a political one. This year the audience TV channel "Russia-2" noticed that disappeared from the ether mesh mixed martial arts tournaments in the M-1 Global, which were attended by Russian athletes. And their place on television firmly occupied the American League fighters Bellator. On why it happened and how dangerous such substitution, "MP" said the pioneer of the sport in Russia, President World MMA Association (WMMAA) Vadim Finkelstein.
"Peace and Politics": Vadim, tell us about the scandal related to the fact that your program kicked out of the etheric grid channel "Russia-2".

Vadim Finkelstein: Last year, our company had a contract for ten sporting events, ten fights. It was a very beautiful and spectacular performances. And in November 2014, I sent to the channel "Russia-2" schedule 12 fights, to be held in 2015 in Moscow, St. Petersburg Orenburg, Ingushetia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, China. In China, by the way, we made ​​a great success in November last year. In Ingushetia, held every summer fighting. We even got Russian Book of Records. At the recent speeches in Ingushetia, which were confined to the Day of the Republic, gathered 23,255 spectators! And it is in the mountains, where you will not reach the usual transport. Is that on foot or on donkeys. President of the Republic Yevkurov was in these competitions.

So. Viewers will not see any of this. After all, on the channel "Russia-2" to my emails and phone calls no one answered. Mr. Kovbasyuk, with whom we had previously quite successfully contacted, just ignored me. He even explained nothing.

"MP": Who are these Americans and how they were able to put their programs on federal channel? Yes, free of charge.

VF: Do not just gratuitous. The fact that Russian television will pay the Americans for their program!

"MF": How so? America is strangling us with sanctions, but we buy American, throwing off the air at the same time the Russian product? Very strange looks such a change of course. And what now show instead of performances of Russian athletes?

VF: Now the air battles of the American League launched Bellator. As if there was in those years that went to the Russian mixed martial arts promotion, the Russian sports. And how much effort it took to bring the sport to a certain level. Well if we did not have their high-level athletes, then we could show the US fights. But we have our own fighters who perform successfully in the same America. Here is necessary to show them. And not once, but ten, a hundred. And today's boys will grow up as an example of these guys!

"MP": Maybe the Americans above the level?

VF: No, it is not. Simply they are more widely promoted. But that's not the point. Do not forget that the sport - it is an element of patriotic education. And today I do focus on the hero. Youth, who looks on TV these athletes want to be like them. There are many children - among them Fedor Emelianenko, Andrei Semenov, who became famous, they star. But with the help of TV is the Americanization of our young people. The boys look at American heroes. And this is not the best choice, look, 80% semi-criminal news - one drug was detained, another caught doping. And it turns out that these fighters because of television - the idols of our boys. American soldiers in Russia portrayed as tough guys, Hollywood stars. And our - so, nonsense. Therefore, the approach of the Russian TV, I just do not understand. Americans lobbied for their interests, they are, in fact, captured the federal channel. And we have television officials kicked from the channel "Russia-2". Apparently, being guided solely by their commercial interests. Other explanation I have.

"MP": Given the current conditions, it is very strange behavior.

VF: Yes, exactly. In circumstances where one channel show Americans as aggressors, who are waging a war in Ukraine, on the other channel, these same American boys are the heroes of our programs. And it has a tremendous impact on our youth. TV and media in this case act as an instrument of influence on the psyche of teenagers. And the total broadcast filling American content to anything good will not. See what happens? Today, a young Russian man watches television and sees that Americans are doing in the world. And then on our same Russian channels are the hero in the face of the American athlete. And for some reason, officials from the sport, admit it, do not think about the consequences. Is money talks?

"MP": Mixed martial arts show interest in the country's leaders, up to President Vladimir Putin. Can turn to him for support?

VF: Yes, visited our battles, rooting for Emelianenko. But the appeal to the president make such a request, I would not. But I hope, will help us in the Ministry of Sports, the State Duma. And this imbalance is corrected. We do not want any privileges. But put us at least an equal footing. You know, we've tried to break into the American market in the US broadcast, but nothing came of it. Although we gave them free fights Fedor Emelianenko! And it was to no avail. And we have given the American athletes ether. I think this says about the engagement channel. And it may have unpredictable political consequences.

"MF": What fights you cook in the near future?

VF: Georgia on February 21 we will hold the tournament M-1 Challenge memory tragically killed last November Guram Gugenishvili, the first champion of M-1 Challenge in the heavyweight division. In one of the major battles in the evening former champion M-1 Challenge heavyweight Kenny Garner (USA) will meet with the Guinness Book record (world record weight lifting with one hand) Alambey Musayev (Russia).


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Re: M-1 not dead yet - Fedor & his Ministry Of Sport, the federal assembly, and Putin may save the day

Post by TeamJohnPerretti on Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:04 pm

Good news.

Hopefully Putin and his people step in and clear this up.

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Re: M-1 not dead yet - Fedor & his Ministry Of Sport, the federal assembly, and Putin may save the day

Post by rezin on Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:45 am

After all the rubbish that's published about Russia in US media, American entertainment has no place on Russian television or radio. If someone in Russia is really that desperate to watch ufc, they can watch the highlight gifs like a normal person.

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