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Post by TeamJohnPerretti on Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:44 am

By: Shu Hirata

DEEP official bouts will be held at the race track named Funabashi Auto. There is going to be no admission fees since this is part of the PR event series for the race track. There is going to be only five fights. The ring will be set up within the property therefore any auto race fans on the premises can also enjoy MMA fights.

DEEP featherweight champion Kazunori Yokota is the biggest name on the card, and he is fighting Juri Ohara at the lightweight division.

Not sure if he is moving up to lightweight division permanently. Probably doing this because this is a festival-like event. However this is a serious MMA competition and Ohara may not be one of top lightweights but he does have an experience.

In terms of fighters not under the UFC contract, Yokota is the best Japanese featherweight so although this one is at 155 lbs, he should win this fight as long as he doesn't take Ohara lightly. After all, if he wins this fight, his win streak is going to be extended to 11 and that might lead him to somewhere bigger.

DEEP Lightweight Bout
Kazunori Yokota (Japan / Freelance) vs Juri Ohara (Japan / KIBA Martial Arts)

DEEP JEWELS Special Exhibition
Emi Tomimatsu (Japan / Paraestra Matsudo) vs Mei "V.V." Yamaguchi (Japan / RIKI GYM - Buto-kai)

Bantamweight Bout
Michihito Abe (Japan / Kan-juku) vs Toshinori Tsunemura (Japan / Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me, We)

Flyweight Bout
Masato Kobayashi (Japan / Freelance) vs Takuya Maruoka (Japan / INFIGHT JAPAN)

Flyweight Bout
Haruki Nakayama (Japan / GRABAKA) vs Shunya Nagatani (Japan / Wajiutsu Keishu-kai Funabashi Dojo)


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