No Holds Barred: Josh Barnett on His New Film 'Absolution', Catch Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu

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No Holds Barred: Josh Barnett on His New Film 'Absolution', Catch Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu

Post by nhbnews on Tue May 19, 2015 11:21 am

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman once again spoke with catch wrestler Josh Barnett.

We spoke with him by phone Monday.

This is a very busy time for Josh Barnett, as a movie in which he is co-starring has just been released. Named "Absolution", this is an action film featuring Steven Seagal, Byron Mann, Adina Stetcu, Massimo Dobrovic, and Vinnie Jones. Josh Barnett played a "bad guy" named Colt, which he said thus far has been "the biggest role I've had" in film.

In the combat sports world, he has been busy as well. On May 9, at the Metamoris 6 grappling event, he successfully defended his heavyweight title by submitting Ryron Gracie with a toehold.

While some see antipathy between catch wrestling and jiu-jitsu, Josh Barnett expressed nothing but respect for jiu-jitsu and the Gracie family, noting that he has "always gotten along with all the Gracies."

He explained: "Yes, I am a catch wrestler. I love catch-as-catch-can wrestling. I think it's the best. I love it as a sport, and as an art form, as a wrestling style. It is what I practice what I preach, and I preach it loudly.

"But, it's not to be contrary to jiu-jitsu. That's the thing. It's not in spite of or to counteract or to diminish jiu-jitsu. I do it because it's what I love, not because I have a need for a rivalry or to put down what anybody else does. That kind of concept of a war with jiu-jitsu is really by somebody's creation on their own merit, not on my statements."

We also discussed why more people from the broader wrestling community should become involved with catch wrestling, his upcoming activities in UFC including a reality show and a September 26 fight with Roy Nelson, more film projects, his work with the California Catch Wrestling Association, and much, much more.

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Thanks, Eddie Goldman

No Holds Barred

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Re: No Holds Barred: Josh Barnett on His New Film 'Absolution', Catch Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu

Post by Hamilcar on Thu May 21, 2015 12:10 am

I was taught and trained that catch is absolutely at war with jujutsu.  What else are mixed martial arts and these open style grappling tournaments for?  It's not only to see who the better fighter is, but also (and more importantly) the better style.  Don't tell me that the Gracies are not out there trying to prove Brazilian Jujutsu is the end-all-be-all of martial arts every single time out.  
If a high level competitor like Barnett is training catch wrestling it's because he thinks it is the best!  There is no reason for him to be political about it and respectful to a style that he has sidelined in his training.  There is a reason for him training in catch.  Don't be afraid to say that it is the better style and you are going to prove it!

Why do so many Americans feel the need to be so PC about everything???

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