people that get mad about submissions being held on

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people that get mad about submissions being held on

Post by stu3ufc on Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:15 pm

but clearly have no trouble with stoppages like this and fighter taking extra punches when they're clearly out cold

but palhares takes 1.3 seconds to release a kimura and the world loses its mind



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Re: people that get mad about submissions being held on

Post by Longtime Fan on Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:09 pm

I might sound sadistic and in probably wrong, but I'm not overly sensitive or posses a bleeding heart for the health of any fighter even my favorites, I believe with my heart that if you signed up to fight you should be able to deal with the consequences so in other words I don't mind somewhat of a late stoppage as long as nobody dies.

I used to love some fights in pride that had clear endings. Not some of these half assed referee interrupted outcomes that we see time and time again in the UFC.

Palhares might be a multiple time offender and his case is an unusual and extreme case , but as far as ko's , American Mma has PUSSIFIED the sport beyond repair. It is not a true fight , it's sport fighting. The original premise of the UFC was to steer away from that karate competition type point fighting and show us what real fights were. Ironic that its current version is the exact opposite. Pride had it right. No one died.

"Even as he dished out massive punishment, Fedor seemed so calm and natural that it was scary. It reminded me of movies you see, how they portray serial killers doing terrible things and thinking nothing of it. Fighting was clearly Fedor’s calling." - Jeff Sherwood on Fedor.
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