Mma judge Doug Crosby should be fired !

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Mma judge Doug Crosby should be fired !

Post by Longtime Fan on Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:44 pm

Crosby has handed in some of the most dubious scorecards in the history of the sport. He has also been accused of undisclosed conflicts of interest. His scorecard in the Johnson vs Dariush fight sealed it for me. Some of the worst scorecards that spring to mind are:
50-45 for Frankie over BJ Penn I
30-27 for Pendred over Spencer
29-28 for Cerrone over Henderson
30-27 for Masvidal over Iaquinta
29-28 for Ricci over Jury
29-28 for Camozzi over Santos
29-28 for Pierce over Hendricks
29-28 for Neer over Diaz
I remember he was even trolling people for his 50-45 Edgar Penn I decision on the internet. Not to mention the weird podcast he did with Chael, which may have been setup, in which he acts like a 12 year old idiot by not answering a single question by talking to a random person in his room and asking Chael if he is flirting with him etc.. Does anyone remember any other gems from this Judge? wrote:

By reason

"Even as he dished out massive punishment, Fedor seemed so calm and natural that it was scary. It reminded me of movies you see, how they portray serial killers doing terrible things and thinking nothing of it. Fighting was clearly Fedor’s calling." - Jeff Sherwood on Fedor.
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