Michkov and Zentsov talk about everything around Fedor vs CroCop fight

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Michkov and Zentsov talk about everything around Fedor vs CroCop fight

Post by Rizin=PRIDEFC on Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:27 am

August 28, 2005 at 14 hours 18 minutes Moscow time began one of the best fights in MMA history: Tokyo Fedor came against Croatia Mirko Cro Cop - the most dangerous fighters of those that stand in the way Fedor in Japan

In Russia, the fight live on air pirate was looking for a tiny number of viewers - it is suspected that not more than a thousand. The result is passed by the newspapers. Topics of "Sport-Express" for August 29, Judge Sukhina put three penalties in a match "Amkar" - "Locomotive", Igor Akinfeev shows that Djibril Cisse played up his hand, and bandy scandal again.

In general, the understanding of what it was a battle, it was much later.


For the first time challenged the Cro Cop Fedor August 10, 2003, knocking out bright fighter Igor Vovchanchyn. August 14th, 2004 Mirko same kick left foot to the head dropped Alexander Emelianenko.

Two months after Alexander fell in the knockout Fedor met with Croatian backstage tournament PRIDE. "Your brother is right?" - Said Cro Cop.

After the victory over Alexander Mirko won another four times, spending a total of nine minutes and constantly reminded of the desire to meet with Fedor. In summer 2005, Croatia was on top form and popularity. It was accepted to consider that Emelianenko Sambo wrestler out of a sense of self-preservation will try to minimize the time to stand with kickboxer Mirko level and will attempt to translate the opponent to the ground.

Alexander Michkov coach Fedor of striking techniques: When I first saw Mirko, immediately realized what class is fighter. He was very impressed. At the time - this is my opinion - Fyodor his striking technique lost. At Cro Cop base - kickboxing, and he acted in the rack varied. Fedor more boxing was, because we have something in Stary Oskol suitable in terms of weight and kickboxers were not. We understood that it is necessary to tighten Fedor striking technique legs. It has been given great attention in preparation for battle.

Roman Zentsov, MMA fighter, sparring partner Fedor: clashed really the best at the time. Fedor - the reigning champion of PRIDE. And Mirko - the best drummer at the time, puncher, a very dangerous fighter. Fedor was more than a year for this fight: it was clear that he will meet with Mirko, but there was no certainty - when it happens.

Vadim Finkelstein, the manager of Fedor: The Japanese like we did - they all tried to declare: "After two months Fedor Mirko". But Fedor said: "After two months, I is not ready to fight. By Mirko I need to better prepare. " But by 28 August Fedor managed to hold the required amount of fees

That Fedor was able to rack

At the time of the fight Fedor six years involved with boxing trainer Alexander Michkova. Emelianenko beat strong rivals fell, but Michkov regularly received comments on his address to the peer.

Michkov: I've heard a lot of criticism from other coaches: "What did you tell him you can not raise your hands? What did you get so low you hold hands? "And I said to him at one time raised his hands, almost in the classic boxer's stance set. Fedor became a punch in training. He says: "I hand raised - and I do not see these attacks." I told him: "Do as you more comfortable." And he again began to hold his hands low. And it all began to speak again: "Vassilich well keeps low!"

Zentsov: Fedor's a very awkward fighter. We Petersburg sparred with professional boxers - and they could not do anything with it in the rack. He's very fast. Technology extraordinary, biting blows.

Michkov: Or he has not classical trajectories punches go, such as arcs. And I say, "Something strikes too sweeping." I say, guys, he hits - fall. What else do you need?

Vladimir Voronov, coach Fedor to fight: Prepare for a fight with Mirko - four stages: mountains, summer camp "Rainbow", the Netherlands and has direct connection hoses to fight in Stary Oskol.

Michkov: Gathering in Holland needed to put the striking technique and leg protection from kicks.

Gathering in the mountains

Zentsov: Fedor distinctive qualities: he was thinking fighter. He comprehended - and in combat and in training. This Fedor plowman, I for his career to be seen again. The able-bodied to asceticism. Austerity in what was, in the beautiful halls of the train did not seek, fought on the mat on the street crosses the summer sometimes ran into bolonevyh costumes - created itself in training such difficult conditions, so that it was easier to fight then.

In the mountains we cross paths with the national team in athletics. They were shocked because we daily mileage was higher than theirs. It receives about 20 kilometers a day - and in addition, we had a shock training, wrestling and training fizuha.

It looked like this: 5 kilometers is run in the morning. Thereafter, shadow boxing, workout. Before the daily training run 10 km in the mountains, then an hour of struggle. In the evening, 5 km - and then shock training. Legs were erased from this run, the clothes did not have time to dry, the skin does not have time to overgrown.

Ravens: The training was against the background of fatigue. In the highlands is particularly effective. Fedor is always a lot of running around.

Zentsov: Two training sessions a day - so, before them two runs. Three training - the three runs. This rule Fedor, he likes to run. This is what gives him the endurance. And I have not yet started to train with him, ran once a week. But he taught me: Each workout begins with a cross. In 16 hours, such as training. 15:30 you run. And when training starts, all just sucked, yet relaxed, and you have already downloaded, pulse jumped - and gradually you get used to fight against this background, spar. This has a lot of sense. Why do people ready, willing, and after the first and second rounds begin sdyhat? And because you're still not begun to fight, and only go out to battle, and the heart is pounding, adrenaline injected: looks like you're not tense, but the body you have been working at medium speed and spending provisions. I'm only just can not remember where we had this collection - in Kislovodsk and Elbrus.

Ravens: It was Cheget, Elbrus.

Zentsov: Yes, in the Elbrus region. In the mountains, for example, we had such a workout day: 10 km cross, then an hour of work with kernels weights. What we do with these nuclei just did: throwing them on the path side, straight punches, threw himself through. It is, in principle, known topic: with nuclei and weights practiced 100 years ago and Poddubny and Sasse, and other athletes.

Gathering in the pioneer camp "Rainbow"

Zentsov After the mountains had a long camp in Stary Oskol: lived and trained on the basis of summer camp. We shared a room with Fedor, beds were across the aisle.

Ravens: We are in the "Rainbow" has long traveled. There's all familiar and homey. A life ... Well, what's Life - three workouts a day. All classes - on the street.

Michkov: train there, because, in fact, nowhere else was. Sports are no special conditions. The mats were laid on the grass. Guys with cross back, do a warm-up and go to fight, and the carpet has a red-hot from the sun! Just like in a frying pan!

Zentsov: Yes, and you like a snake on these mats Werth, so they fired. The rain Stela mats in a small hall of summer camp - and there nabaryvalis two hours.

Michkov: From the equipment we had a horizontal bar, parallel bars, a sledgehammer, tire, barbells, dumbbells. Horizontal bar, parallel bars Fedor loved and loves. On the record, he seems never tightened, but 30 times in the approach does. The regime was a Arise to charge us at 6:30 - half an hour earlier than the children in the camp. Jogging, 30-45 minutes charge: school of boxing, wrestling school in the rack. We send rinsed, breakfast, rest. 11 In another exercise - two hours. Showered, had lunch, fell to sleep. The 17 training again. We ate with the children in the dining room.

Zentsov: The food is simple, children - all dietary, kompotik different. The size of servings for children too, but we had unlimited access to the boiler. That is, we could take more than one patty, and five. In the quiet hours of sleep instead of Fedor can go into town to buy fruit for the team. He then, in my opinion, on the "top ten" went. Fedor never bother status and all this tinsel.

A lot of attention was paid to the restoration, which is understandable at such volume loads. We went to the bath regularly. The pool also - on a common basis. Plus Fedor was probably the first MMA fighter in Russia, which now has its own masseur. We used to like: "Take more, throw farther!" But no recovery will lead to sad consequences. To fully laid out in training, you should be well protected from injury. Otherwise travmirueshsya - and two weeks later will be idle.

Gathering in Holland

Michkov: Fedor hand at the time were on the mark, but the kicks and protection from them is not enough. In the Netherlands, he is pulled. Quickly became a kicking beat. Before that, there were cases where it is not always seen and feet missed. I repeat: boxers, then we sparred, and many are willing, but the class kickboxers were rare.

Finkelstein: The Netherlands Fedor very good job under the leadership of Johan Vos - a great coach muay thai. His pupil of Ernesto Hoost won three Cro Cop.

Zentsov: In Holland we spent about a month. Vadim made sure that we all accept that we have traveled different schools were in the hall, Johan Vos, Lucien Carbine, from other coaches. I am at this time there nabaryvalsya, preparing to Werdum and Fedor worked on shock technique.

Michkov: Fedor gladly help. All the sparring partners Lefty became - and worked as a sparring Cro Cop. The challenge Fedor was spinning to the left, go forward and to the left. A sparring partner was the task of punching the left foot - to the liver in the head.

Zentsov: Fedor helped prepare Remy Bonjasky, Tyrone Spong, Gilbert Yvel, he sparred with them a lot. And they carefully left mawashi throws him in the head. Netherlands in terms of impact technology has given assurance that our schools are better placed hands. A leg we hiked up there too - for protection against low kicks and knee strikes especially a lot for themselves endured. I wrote the program for training in the notebook itself, because just do not remember.

In Europe, we understand that: need a good equipment. Not because it's some kind of show-off. That's what we thought: that we have to dress up in all of this is not necessary that we have a Russian character - a bone in the bone have to spar. And we realize that a good equipment gives the opportunity to work in training at full strength. In training you should not be afraid that travmiruesh leg. And after the first collection in the Netherlands we have made the following conclusions. Vadim bought everything that we lacked. Ignore such things as protective equipment, to disdain them - is at stealing.

Collection in Stary Oskol

Ravens: From Holland we went back to Stary Oskol, which was already a period of eyeliner to fight.

Zentsov: Coming to Stary Oskol, I lived at home or Fedor, or he selil us with Sergey Kaznovsky in another apartment of his family. Fedor generally friendly people. I was not married, and now I understand how much did Oksana and his wife. She cooked on a band - represent five strands feed. We ate each time coxa! They tired to wash dishes, not to mention how to prepare food. Theodore insisted that we had eaten that even when we stopped in his second apartment, for lunch and dinner, we had to come to him - then he did not accept failure. And most importantly - so cool home the food was, and every day a new menu.

Old comminuted fracture

In mid-June, Emelianenko won the Russian championship in combat sambo, which was trying not to hit the right hand. And after 10 days I have seen with Cro Cop in Japan: Croats fight with Ibragim Magomedov and Fedor second Magomedov. Four minutes later, Ibrahim falls, received a kick to the liver. Before the fight Emelianenko, Cro Cop two months - and apparently this fight does not interfere. But this is only in appearance.

In 2003, Fedor knocked out for a minute, Gary Goodridge, but badly damaged right hand. The effects of the injury will bother a fighter for a long time. All exacerbated in April 2005. Emelianenko defeated Tsueshi Kosaku and retirement from the ring, dropped a phrase: "Damn, I have his blood stained." It was not a major issue: in that fight Fedor seriously injured his right thumb. More surprising that the 4 months after comminuted fracture Emelianenko went to fight with Cro Cop.

Zentsov: To fight with Cro Cop Fedor prepared with serious injuries: it was badly damaged right hand. Fist could ever fall apart in battle, the surgery was.

Michkov: total on this hand Fedor did three or four operations. At the time the brush was very damaged. Took care of her. When Fedor was working on the bag, it is in full force right could not hit - it just was given pain. He made a special glove in the foam pad that was softer.

Zentsov: Fedor went through the training with this injury, the pain did not let go. I remember we went on a quiet hour with him to do an x-ray. He had a fracture, as I recall, and one fragment or did not grow together, or walked.

Ravens: There shards floating in the joint of the thumb, several of them were. I could not at full strength to take any seizure or hit.

Zentsov: And, in an amicable way, there had to operate, clean, splice, but then it would be Fedor six months dropped. So he decided to endure. Another would, perhaps, to the side left, tried to postpone the date. But Fyodor took this fight.

Michkov From the battle did not give up, because at that moment the situation has been heated: Cro Cop in the press saying that Fedor is hiding from him.

Ravens: There still was talk that if Fedor abandon this battle, the interim champion will be announced Cro Cop.

Michkov: Fedor said, "I will fight."

Before the battle

Mirko Cro Cop is fair to expect from the wrestlers Fedor problems on the ground. Prepare Croat helped Brazilian Fabricio Werdum, who was fighting on the same tournament August 28 - against Roman Zentsov. Werdum in total live in Croatia two years, five years would be the first to win Fedor Emelianenko, and ten years later win the championship belt UFC. But all this will happen.

Michkov: Cro Cop, I remember, almost a month before the fight was already in Japan. He considered it his. And many of his hurt.

Zentsov: Usually we arrived in Japan shortly before the battle - fought on the fourth day after his arrival. Calculating acclimatization peaks were compared - and agreed that this is the best term. To be understanding: acclimatization in the East and the West are two different things.

Michkov: In Japan flew in the morning - an hour after two or three starts to chop. Sleep like with terrible force. And here we have suffered until 9 pm, and then went to bed. If earlier nap at night lying with staring eyes - you can not sleep. Amar Suloev we once walked all night, could not sleep. To sleep okay, I went to the drugstore and bought herbal calming - and in the evening instead of tea Fyodor drank it. He slept peacefully.

Zentsov: Worried whether Fedor? We were close friends, but I did not notice it with excitement. I hit him calm and concentration before the fight.

Michkov: On Fedor can not see when he's worried. Amazing psyche. I just remember my feeling when I first got in the life of the Japanese stadium 70 thousand people - I was so scared! I think - a poor Theodore, as he makes everything. But he does not show the form. Sometimes the person is ready, willing, everyone knows. And out in the ring - and because of the agitation can not do anything.

Zentsov: Here at the tournament in Japan, I was fighting for the first time. For me, the shock was 50 thousand spectators, the hum goes through you. I fought over there with them, not with Werdum.

Michkov Before fights, we always play cards, it helps to distract. Training took place, you know, he was ready to normal. Nothing changed. So why sit and shiver in anticipation of this fight? We played cards - joked pin up each other, sometimes specially almost openly cheated to laugh.

Zentsov: It's such a ploy. It is not distracting at first, and then get involved in the game and switch out. Bands because usually the last fight, so it is necessary to wait for a very long time, it can be burned during this time, too nervous. The first times I played cards on the machine and still burning, I thought about this fight. And then eventually became a true shut down, stop thinking about the fact that I go now to fight. This really saves psychophysical resources.


The format of the fight, the first round - ten minutes, second and third - five. Banned elbows to the head permitted kicking an opponent in the head lying. In the hall of 47629 spectators. Paid broadcasting sold worldwide for $ 29.95. Bookmakers give these odds: Cro Cop - 2.7, Fedor - 1.45.

In the locker room Emelianenko numbed hand. Before going into battle, he warms up with the top kickboxer Tyrone Spong - the left foot over and over again Fedor throws strikes on three levels: the thigh, liver, head.

The fight Fedor surprised once he makes no attempt to translate to the ground, fighting with Cro Cop in the rack, and operates the number one and Croat gets more punches.

Finkelstein: Everyone was waiting for that Fedor will immediately try to translate Cro Cop on the ground - and finish there, trying to hold the reception. Cro Cop it very seriously preparing for his main sparring partner was Werdum. And Fedor did not even try to go to the ground. He began to break it into the rack.

Ravens: I just want to note that with such a complicated hand injury was translated to the ground.

Zentsov: I was sitting in the front row. One episode really etched in my memory. As I remember, Cro Cop has powerful low kicks charged - Fedor puts tight shield and get hit bone in bone: shin and knee Cro Cop Fedor. There was a sound of a stroke, I heard him on the podium. And I understand how painful it is both. I saw his eyes Cro Cop - he was blown away. And Fedor species did not show.

I'm just the drummer himself, and I understand that when you start a wrestler to compete successfully in a rack, it displays. Cro Cop did not expect Fedor in such a short period of time to a level to put their striking technique.

Michkov Why Sanya Emelianenko lost to Cro Cop? Installation failed. Setting this was: "Sasha, not a step back, you can not move back - you've got to get him to back away." Why knock turned: Sanya edged slightly - Cro Cop hit the left foot to the head. Fedor learned the lesson. And all three rounds on his way to Cro Cop, facing his back, and thus turned his main weapon - his feet. Fedor, on the contrary, very high kick struck.


Zentsov: what happens breaking Cro Cop. He realized that in the fight, he will lose any. And here it in front interrupts fighter who still has a foot in the head. Why Mirko could not knock his signature high kick? I remember how we turn out in training: after each high kick - to punish. And Fedor Mirko after each attempt to kick him in the head immediately snapped up for it in return. As a result, Cro Cop has become vytselivat, cautious, because after each high kick he received a series of sweeping strokes.

Finkelstein: Fedor What is special: usually men ready, willing, some new tricks come, but in the end in a fight then do just that before they could. And Fedor to fight with Cro Cop showed all what I learned in Holland. Clearly the program has worked. I've never seen Fedor beat kicked in the head. And then he saw.
Croatian was just demolished.

Zentsov: On the podium I was sitting next to his wife of Feodor. Oksana clenched fists, bit her lip, staring and crying - at first with fear for him, then joy. It was a very tough fight for Fedor, he is, in fact, 20 minutes of fighting with a broken hand. Since he left the ring with posechennymi face with broken hands. But with a belt.

Ravens: Fedor hand froze, painkillers given - and then he went to an operation in Russia: it was necessary to pick up the pieces in a heap.

The right hand Fyodor six months after the fight with Mirko (photo bel.ru).

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Mirko Filipovic by dm_5020627fda98c

Fedor - Cro Cop in Russia was shown much later - in the next year in the night air of NTV. The production and release of the programs on NTV paid Vadim Finkelstein (it costs him about 20 thousand dollars a month) - and because of these esters in Russia more or less learned about a new sport, the old regime which then was called "fighting without rules".

Natalia Bulanova, the first PR Manager of M-1: I remember the situation before these first night air on NTV. I am very much publication offers exclusives with Fedor, but in 99 percent of cases heard: "We do not need it, we do not know, do not call here anymore." And after it began to show on NTV, our MMA fighters began to fall in popularity.

Zentsov: I understand: without Fedor, I would not have got these fights. In this report, I give myself. He helped not only in training, but also gave the chance to fight in PRIDE (Statistics Zentsov in PRIDE: 2 wins, 1 loss - approx. AL).

What is the role of Fedor, he is dragged all over, was a locomotive. Who gets his team, he started to practice more after him and grew as a fighter. Not everyone understood it, there were those who take time off from training. But Fyodor the close, the team is always very worried. He punched his way to cut through us - that we got the fame, the money earned some.

I'll reminisce as we were getting ready - such impressions moved onto. I have some fond memories of that time. It was hard. But fun.


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Re: Michkov and Zentsov talk about everything around Fedor vs CroCop fight

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One of my all time favorite fights

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