Sergei Kharitonov: In the M-1 I earn more than I could on a contract that was offered by UFC

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Sergei Kharitonov: In the M-1 I earn more than I could on a contract that was offered by UFC

Post by Rizin=PRIDEFC on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:54 am

google translate:

Legendary heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov in the interview talks about his speeches, offer UFC, a possible fight with Fedor, and many others

- How are you, Sergey? What is happening now in your life?

- Everything is fine. Now I am at the training camp with the team in Abkhazia TEAM STRELA. He started to train after a rest, come back in shape.

- How to react to the return of Fedor? If he signs up to M-1, we can see whether your fight against him?

- For me, Fedor did not leave. I think that he did not need to go away for three years, and make the rest in half a year, year. It is well done. Now Fedor hold several fights. Let's look at his return. If it is our interest to our fight, I would be honored to spend it. But I think that will be more interesting and better see Fedor in fights with other foreign competitors. Since we both represent Russia and are fighting for her honor.

- Which aspect do you think you have grown in recent years?

- I added, in shock, and wrestling techniques. I worked a lot on technique BJJ, and do not forget udarki.

- Do you wait in the tournament Glory again?

- In the near future there.

- How to react to a resounding victory Andrei Orlovsky, that you won by KO? Is it for you a kind of return to the example of the tops?

- Orel done. If someone wants to see our rematch, I'm always open to discuss the fight.

- After defeats Fedor for some time exactly what you perceived the fans as the main hopes of the Russian MMA. Is it fair that many believe have a major star among current Russian MMA fighters?

- Probably the most age. There are a lot of young fighters. For example, Alexander Volkov, Denis Pinnacles - now they are our hope.

- After leaving Strikeforce, what led you to the decision to continue performing at the level tournaments MMA solidly below?

- Some consider below some do not. I give others the right to speak in MMA and in kickboxing. I do not have a binding contract with any organization, and I can play there where I want. That's fine for me.

- You can say that your opposition in the last four or five fights can match the level of your opposition to the times of Pride and Strikeforce?

- Rivals in all recent fights I have not been simple.

- You received offers from the UFC? What are you offering for the fight, if not a secret?

- Yes, there were. Of the amount not say anything.

- Many people say that the money offered in the UFC - not very satisfied with our fighters. You can say that in the M-1, earning more than would be obtained by signing a contract with the UFC?

- Yes I can.

- It is said that during the Pride was no doping control. You ate something to go on fighting in better shape?

- In Pride was selective doping control, and it was. I do not drink.

- How do you assess the physical form of Alistair Overeem after the abolition of testosterone replacement therapy?

- To train with him. He's not at the peak, but in good shape.

- A few years ago you started your training program - "Fitness System Sergei Kharitonov." How successful are its sale?

- Caught unreliable people who helped me. They were shorlotanami made the whole system in its own way. The project is closed.

- Why did the Russian tournaments MMA can not be compared with the US?

- I do not think so. It is clear that American tournaments are well portrayed, there is big money. Soldiers from the UFC, which are already there do not appear, come to Russia and play. If we have the same financial support of the sport in the United States will be better tournaments overseas.

- I quote you: "At present, the strongest fighter heavyweight in the world - Fabricio Werdum. And I was the only fighter from Russia, who defeated him. I fought guys like Werdum, Nogueira, Rizzo, Roy, Overeem, Orlovsky. This elite MMA champions. I have never included the back. " Expense of what you would be able to defeat the top-5 fighters UFC, including Werdum, if you were with him in the same cell?

- Because of its physical strength, experience and skills. I only became better and make out any serious competition.

- How you can have a drink on Marine Day in the days of your youth - more than a liter or less?

- Not a fan of alcohol. But it happens in life. I do not drink such volumes.

- Why paratroopers on August 2 are often so aggressive?

- I do not know.

- Can not you celebrate the holiday so that the country was proud of you, and not afraid of their own soldiers?

- Marks the day Airborne friends. We never disgrace and will not disgrace the honor of his uniform.

- What you need to do to carry out training with the legendary Sergei Kharitonov?

- You can come to my workshops, or get on joint charges.

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