13 new free agents hit the market

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13 new free agents hit the market

Post by InfinityLens on Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:32 pm


Montague: UFC vetx3/Tachi Palace vetx5 (former champ)/Highest Rank #7 (1Apr2011)/Current Rank #119
Wee: UFC vetx3/Highest rank#208 (1Apr2014)/Last Rank #27 (1Apr2015)

Gibson: UFC vetx4/ Tachi vetx7/Titan vetx1/Current Rank #91/Highest Rank #45 (1Apr2014)

Backstrom: UFC vetx3/Current Rank #66/Highest Rank #64 (1Jul2014)

Phillips:UFC vetx2/Current Rank#343/Highest Rank#144 (1Apr2015)

Christodolou:UFC vetx2/KOTC vet x1/Kunlun vetx1/ Current Rank #398/Highest Rank #132 FW (1Jan2015)

Cedeno: UFC vetx4/Current Rank #212/Highest Rank #111 (1Oct2014)

Craig:UFC vetx7/Bellatorx1/Legacy vetx2 (former champ)/Current Rank#241/Highest Rank #25 MW (1Jan2013)

Aruajo: TUF vet-3 fights/UFC vetx4/M1 vetx2/KSW vetx1/Shooto vet x2/Current Rank #116/Highest Rank #48(1Jul2014)

Miller: UFC vetx13/IFL vetx2/Current Rank #245/Highest Rank #22 (1Apr2009)

Alcanatara:UFC vetx7/Jungle Fight vetx10/Brother of another guy in UFC called Alcantara/Current Rank #102/Highest rank #48 LHW (1Apr2013)

Stringer:UFC vetx3/WSOF vetx2/Shooto vetx2/Current Rank#92/Highest Rank #40 (1Jul2010)

Watson:UFC vetx7/Cage Rage vetx7/BAMMA vetx2/MFC vetx2/UCMMA vetx2/Current Rank #48/Highest Rank #22 (1Jul2013)

Watson: The catch of this crowd. Should absolutely go for Bellator.

Craig/Araujo/Miller/Alcantara:Top level of this crowd these guys should try and get into the biggest promotion possible.

Wee: He is from Singapore so 1C.

Backstrom/Stringer: From the region so KSW.

Montague/Gibson/Phillips/Christodolou/Cedeno:These guys can really go anywhere. They should try and get into a bigger regional were they live (Jungle Fight, RFA, etc) if they can't get into bigger league.

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Re: 13 new free agents hit the market

Post by stu3ufc on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:10 pm

You couldnt pay me to sit down and watch these jobbers fight



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Re: 13 new free agents hit the market

Post by fka on Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:51 pm

Montague,alcantara,tom watson are all mid level good guys id enjoy them in bellator.

Most will end up in wsof probly lol zuffa jr.....

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