Stephan Puetz wants to challenge Fedor

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Stephan Puetz wants to challenge Fedor

Post by Audax on Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:55 pm

19 October 2015

M-1 Global LHW champ Stephan Puetz (13-1) is sure that he can beat Fedor Emelianenko if the Last Emperror accepts this challenge

Tell us please how the idea of challenging Fedor appeared in your mind? Why do you want to fight him?
I consider myself a big fan of Fedor and I´ve met him a couple of times. He´s always been very humble and is a true legend of the sport. I actually didn´t expect him to make a comeback, but I wanted to fight him right away, when he announced a return to the ring. I want to fight him, because I want to be the best and in order to be the best I have to fight the best. I haven´t refused to fight anyone and even moved up to heavyweight due to a lack of opponents in my division, so fighting Fedor would be a natural choice. I´m absolutely sure that we would make a great fight that cause a lot of attention worldwide, especially considering the fight takes place on New Years Eve and in Japan.

You should be a very self-confident athlete to challenge such fighter. What skills, abilities, talents do you have to beat him?

I know my skillset and know that I can beat any fighter on the planet- my team would prepare the perfect gameplan to beat him and a machine is surely superior to a man, even if it´s the last Emperor.

What tricks do you have in your arsenal that nobody of Fedor's opponents used to have?

Well, he has been beaten before and I think there are ways to beat any fighter. It comes down to the right gameplan, preparation and of course who is the better fighter on the day of the fight.

Do you think he is still the same fighter he used to be 3 years ago?

I respect any opponent and would never underestimate Fedor´s skillset even if he hasn´t fought in three years. I believe that he will come back well prepared and on top of his game- but so will I!

Some people say that Fedor can’t be p4p now because he is an old-fashioned fighter and MMA sport changed a lot. Do you share that opinion?

I think that he has the tools to beat a lot of high level fighters nowadays, but the world of MMA surely has evolved and a lot will depend on his approach, coaching staff, nutrition and so on and so forth.

How do you think can he beat Werdum if that rematch happens?

That´s a really tough question to answer. Werdum has improved his game so much and he is a natural heavyweight, so I think he has the physical advantage and I rate his grappling skills highly. But it´s a fight and you never know what will happen if it happens.

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Re: Stephan Puetz wants to challenge Fedor

Post by CDF47 on Mon Oct 19, 2015 4:56 pm

Outside UFC, I'd like to see Sergei, Lesnar, or Couture fight Fedor on NYE preferably.  Puetz would be a top 5 to top 7 choice though. Couture or Lesnar would probably do the biggest ratings.

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