Interview with Kaido Hoovelson who will be making his long awaited MMA debut on Rizin

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Interview with Kaido Hoovelson who will be making his long awaited MMA debut on Rizin

Post by Rizin=PRIDEFC on Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:31 pm

On October 22nd, former Sumo wrestling champion Kaido Hoovelson aka BARUTO announced his participation in the “RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX SAITAMA 3 DAYS” event. We asked him about his thoughts on his debut in MMA and the process of signing.
Q) What was the process on making your decision to compete in RIZIN?

I parted ways with the Sumo world 2 years ago due to injuries, since then I have been busy in the international business industry. But I’ve always thought that I could still do more as an athlete. I’ve always had interest in fighting but that is something I couldn’t mention. So it was a blessing when Lithuanian promoter Donatas called me up. I felt that this was my big chance. There was no option for me to turn this down.

Q) What kind of practice are you doing now?

I have been working out regularly since I retired. I have been pushing myself for about a year and real MMA training for about 2 months. Amira Shoji has been my coach when in Japan. My plan is to go back to Estonia to train with sparring partners my size, then come back to Japan at the end of November and focus on my striking with Peter Aerts. MMA is different than Sumo, but o think I can utilize my background such as sumo and judo depending how I plan and train.

Q) It seems like you have been a fan of Japanese MMA yourself.

Yes、I have always been a big fan and have been watching on TV and would go to the fights as well. I was always spectating as a fan, and as a fighter as well, thinking of how I would fight if I were in there. I was always looking forward for Fedor’s fights since he finishes fights, and is the icon of the sport. It is an honor for me to fight on the same card with him but at the same time, it makes me nervous.

Q) Lastly, a message to the fans please.

On this New Year’s Eve, Japanese MMA will restart once again, and at the same time, I will be restarting as a fighter as well. Mr. Takada mentioned during the press conference that I am a “fighter for the future”. I feel the same way, and right now I feel like I can take on 2 or 3 guys. I will promise to put on a great performance so please look forward for my fight.

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Re: Interview with Kaido Hoovelson who will be making his long awaited MMA debut on Rizin

Post by fka on Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:31 pm

I really am interested to see how this guys debut pans out and how he evolves throughout his training.

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