Karate hottie interview: How would you change mma judging?

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Karate hottie interview: How would you change mma judging?

Post by Longtime Fan on Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:58 am

It's  appalling how naive people are (the fighters interviewed can't really speak up on corruption being that they work for ufc but fans, the mma media, etc. are whom I'm referring to).

Hasn't it occurred to anyone that the ambiguous 10 point scoring system is a rig taken from boxing because zuffa can skewer people's perception and the way-too-conveniently subjective scoring much easier this way? There is a good reason that there aren't more 10-8 or 10-7 rounds (it's retarded that they choose to start the scoring from the number 7 on up, if it's a 10 point scale why the fuck don't they use the full scale of numbers?! What's up with not scoring a round 1-7?)

Also there is a reason we never see draws. Its because doesn't benefit the bettors or the ufc! People like to parrot Dana White's typical answer "don't leave it in the hands of the judges", wtf? Why not try to make change? They are so pro active about micro-managing everything from reebok deals to getting mma legalized in new states, and changing everything else in general that they don't find good, why not this?

Is this not fishy to anyone? It's known they have plants working inside the nsac that are probably paid off to keep things the way they are. Can you really put it past zuffa (who own casinos and we know casinos work under a scheme that is designed to win much more money than they lose) to use this sort of manipulation in mma judging? I don't. After all the best way to rob a bank is to own one. Same here. Obvious corruption is obvious! These sheep should be pro active for change instead of conforming and letting this judging scheme damage fighters' records and damage mma!

"Even as he dished out massive punishment, Fedor seemed so calm and natural that it was scary. It reminded me of movies you see, how they portray serial killers doing terrible things and thinking nothing of it. Fighting was clearly Fedor’s calling." - Jeff Sherwood on Fedor.
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