LA Giant speaks!!!!!

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LA Giant speaks!!!!!

Post by fka on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:56 pm

This is especially for Tjp.....

La giant went to the forums to clear up the misperception that he is racist and a nazi...

The giant speaks...

took a while to get back but I was in Vegas (UFC) this weekend. To answer one of the comments, I did just cover one of the sig runes, which is what they are, by the way, I went in for about 6 hours to get that one covered but I may have a fight in july so I'm not sure when the other one happens. The reason Rampage is the only one with the explanation so far is that I just got registered here so I had no forum except for people who come talk to me. The sig rune originated as a Viking warrior symbol long before it was ever adopted by the Germans. The Celtic cross on my right arm is to represent the Irish in me. Let me know if any other ones need explanation. To tell you the truth, I have changed a lot since a started doing this and one of those things is that it concerns me that people percieve me that way. Especially considering some of the people I consider close friends. And I neither excluded or included Rampage in that challenge, but we've squashed the whole thing anyway, so why fight someone I like when there's nothing for either of us to gain." 'Nuff Said!

People then continued to point out his supposed racist ss bolts

The giant responds....

as I explained before. The symbols used in the SS symbol are refered to as sig runes. Sig loosely translated means victory. so individually they stand for victory as it pertains to individual battles. (in norse mythology) And I do like my tattoos, I know I am a fighter and not a politician, but it is important to me what fans of the sport/ my fans think of me. And pilot, one of my training partners also has a mixed child. I would never dream of disrespecting him or her. This sport has done more for me than anyone will ever know, so I don't want to come off arrogant or unappreciative in any way.

People then gave him props and credit for defending himself

Giant responds again.... "Lightening bolts (Sig Rune) and Thunderbolts: The lightening bolts as pictured below are fashioned in the form of the Sig rune (Siegrune). Runes are symbolic alphabet inscriptions from ancient Norse and Teutonic cultures. These signs have ascribed to them mystical, magical, and divinatory properties, and it is believed that their power can be released by the etching of runic phrases and inscriptions upon metal, stone, bone, or wood. During the Germanic era of National Socialism (Nazism), the double Sig rune was used as a symbol of Heinrich Himmler’s devastating Schutzstaffel military order–better known as the SS. The Sig rune represented the sun and victory, and was ascribed to the Scandinavian god Thor, who was in charge of lightening, thunder, and wind. Thor was depicted as a dynamic god, with power and great strength. Likewise, Himmler’s SS was designed around these same spiritual principles. The fact that Himmler drew upon occult symbols shouldn’t be surprising–the entire NAZI experience was steeped in occult lore, tradition, and philosophy. (NOTE: Himmler was the chief of all the Nazi security forces, head of the SS, and organizer of the concentration camp system. He was also an occultist, forming his SS around mystical traditions. The monstrosities of Himmler should be seen for what they are; stark example of the intent and result of a society steeped in the occult–the end is always death, destruction, and unspeakable horror.) Lightening, expressed as "thunderbolts," are also associated with the god Zeus. As "father of the gods" in Greek mythology, he hurled thunderbolts which caused storms and death. Occult practitioners of the Greek mysteries and "heroic magic" view the thunderbolt as a specialized form of energy. In one particular handbook on heroic magic, the author points out that this energy should be applied to "bringing down old spiritual edifices to make room for new and more expansive modes of cosmic consciousness." Keep in mind that lightening, like the key symbol, must be understood in the context it’s found in. I happen to love thunderstorms and lightening displays. The intensity of a lightening storm is practically unmatched in terms of awe and wonder; with this in mind, it’s a shame that mankind uses God’s wonderful creation to focus attention on what’s demonic and evil." I for one didn't know what "Sig Runes" were. I hope this helps. This is just for anyone's edification that may need it.

One guy randomly chimes in and heckles him...

Giants last response.....
OK, I've said my peace. You all can take it any way you want to but I've said what I wanted to say. One of the S's is already gone, so obviously I'm trying to alleviate some of the confusion about what I'm about. I love this sport, I love the fans of this sport, regardless of what anyone else thinks. And if you still have any doubts, talk to anyone who's ever met me.

So i apologize peretti you are now a fan of la giant.

You should apologize for calling him racist Smile

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Re: LA Giant speaks!!!!!

Post by stu3ufc on Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:17 am

lightening bolts are used everywhere and represent satan yet when people show two together than they lose their mind at it being"nazi"



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