Kimbo has DIED of a heart attack (SERIOUS)

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Re: Kimbo has DIED of a heart attack (SERIOUS)

Post by stu3ufc on Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:01 am

fka wrote:
Stu your the one who got owned for being a disrespectful asshole for trolling in a serious thread about someone's death:)  

How is it trolling pointing out THE FACTS?

Bellator ignore medicals (proven fact on record)

Bellator dont give a fuck for fighter safety hence Dada and Kimbo dying

Bellator also dont give a fuck for kimbo .... they're still going ahead with their London event. $$$$

Kimbo should have been suspended but bellator had their event in texas who are known to have a shitty commission. Fighters are being given 2 yr suspensions and Kimbo get 3 fucking months???? nothing but CORRUPTION

If trolling = caring about fighter safety and holding people responsible then so be it!

youre more than happy to support this bread and have no conscious



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Re: Kimbo has DIED of a heart attack (SERIOUS)

Post by fka on Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:55 pm

When others called you out on here you said chill becsuse it was a troll job against me......yeah your trolling you disrespectful asshole.

As far as "the facts" you havent spoken any...

Dada didnt almost die because of up you idiot it was caused by renal failure which was caused by dadas crew stopping his potassium intake which is VITAL to your body.....

The faked medicals.....still absolutely no proof yet you go on and on about this is fact and a known thing.....

You dont care about fighter safety you haven't said shit about fight nights thats not even testing their fighters which IS fact and open knowledge.

Your here to do what you openly admitted to be doing which is a thread about a fighter who is dead....congrats you've hit a new low.


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