Here is way of looking at it Unified rules x Rizin rule Set?

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Here is way of looking at it Unified rules x Rizin rule Set?

Post by CODELMJVG on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:15 am

Just like point fighting is to win a take-down to secure a round is a form of style of a fight

Rizin emphasizes on down attacks like kicks to knees to elbows to stomps its a form of fighting stylistically. The they are discriminating a style of fights.

Another example if a boxer comes in to MMA he can't use his boxing to hit down same with Shogun Rua couldn't utilizes his chutebox style in ufc. Another one  crocop wouldn't be able to use his soccer kicks because he his a kickboxer? bias and discriminatory to certain styles?

MMA is censoring and discriminatory to real martial artist to not show their art style of attacks.

If banning certain techniques for the good of the image than make to pancrase hybrid wrestling shoot style than to avoid this problem quit trying to simulate a full content if your going to half show the pure sides of the fight that are instinctively in the nature of the combative fight sport.

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