Hard Knocks 51 Calgary October 14

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Hard Knocks 51 Calgary October 14

Post by MR.WILLIE on Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:21 pm

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Cody Wilson (9-2) vs. Ryan Machan (24-9)
***Welterweight Title Fight

205lbs- Rodney Wallace (25-12-1) vs. Julio Juarez (6-2)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight

145lbs- *Kurt Southern (14-7) vs. Lenny Wheeler (9-4)
145lbs- *Sabah Fadai (11-5) vs. Daniel Swain (16-7-1)
135lbs- Noah Ali (7-3) vs. Michael Imperato (7-2)
185lbs- Miles Anstead (8-1) vs. Adrian Miles (15-8)
170lbs- Leo Xavier (4-0-1) vs. Peter Grajcar (3-0)
135lbs- Justin Basra (1-0) vs. Jacob Smith (0-0)

*Featherweight Title Tournament Semi-Finals

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Dillan Main (3-0) vs. Bryce Gougeon (5-3)
***Amateur Welterweight Title Fight (Vacant)

170lbs- Mac Laursen (3-2) vs. Josh MacKenzie (3-0)
135lbs- Jess Elverum (2-0) vs. Maria Demers (0-0)
155lbs- Cameron MacDonald (2-1) vs. Sean Michaels (1-1)
205lbs- Will Woo (1-0) vs. Brian Crowe (0-0)


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