K-1 never paid Grand Prix 2012 Final fighters

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K-1 never paid Grand Prix 2012 Final fighters

Post by Rizin=PRIDEFC on Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:23 am

google translate:
The famous K-1 kick boxing promotion, which is still in the minds of most fans still synonymous with the entire sport, announced that as many as two events in the neighborhood. First called the K-1 WGP Euro will be held on 23 October in Serbian Belgrade, and the second is scheduled for December 3 and a Bosnian Tuzla.

Events are announced through various media and official K-1 channels like the official Facebook profile promotions. And it would certainly have to be very good news for two reasons ... First, because it shows how these areas are still popular as a martial scene, but also because K-1 shows the ambition to return to the big European stage, where in recent years in this sport, rule glory, FFC and Superkombat.

But in the background of the story is "wrong" unprecedented shame that will obviously these days come out in public and probably shock most of those who follow the kick boxing. K-1, namely, never paid the royalties from his last great World Grand Prix Finals to be held in March 2013 in Zagreb Arena. Fight Site learns that apart from some minor fees soldiers who fought in the "great matches" or the first round of the tournament, the vast majority of fees (as asatronomski is) never paid. We remind of the events has been more than three and a half years, and the owner of the K-1 brand and the company's Mike Kim is advertised Finale boasting of information that will belong to the winner a whopping one million dollars. It was astronomical figures should be evidence that the K-1 again powerful as before. Without their fair and literally bloody-earned money, among other things, and other tournament winner Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, Ismael Londt finalist and semifinalist Dzevad Poturak and Pavel Zhuravlev ...

Fight Site further learned that the owners and leadership promotion days, months and years on end retarders fighters, their managers and lawyers false promises to eventually completely stopped answering. For some time completely ignoring all forms of communication related to ispoĊĦtivanje contractual obligations. This case shameless thievery, but how else to call it what happened, is unprecedented in the martial arts. Especially at such a high level of competition and with such a big and famous names such as Mirko "Cro Cop".

What is even more incredible is that the promotion shamelessly decided to come practically to the neighborhood (Belgrade) or virtually in the home (Tuzla), legendary fighters who have been robbed, to organize not one, but a whole host their events. The amount of insolence that can be gleaned from such a move is incomparable with anything in the martial arts.

The first is to such injustice and shame reacted Fight Channel, whose critically acclaimed productions that particular K-1 WGP Final impressed the whole world. ESPN Classic, and his martial promotion FFC is learned Fight Site, warned all the fighters from their roster to the fact that K-1 has good intentions and that the organization can not be trusted until it is completely worth fighters with K-1 WGP Final of 2013.

On Wednesday, the public reacted "BH Machine" Dzevad Poturak. And the official K-1 Facebook profile that was published graphics (poster) for the event on 3 December in Tuzla. Poturak called K-1 to meet its financial obligations to the fighters with the K-1 WGP Final in Zagreb and also called on all combatants to boycott the K-1 events until that happens.

"This is nice. But please K-1 to get serious and perform their duties with the K-1 WGP in Zagreb. It is a shame that we cheated. Mirko Filipovic, Ismael Londt, Pavel Zhuravlev and I. Honestly we fought and we deserved payment to the end. I call upon all the fighters warriors to get involved and support this our problem, because tomorrow you too will be deceived. BOYCOTT TO PAYMENT. WARRIORS samurai DO NOT ALLOW THE TOURNAMENT IN BELGRADE, NOT TUZLA until they PAYMENTS. We are one, "wrote the legendary Sarajevo nokuter.

Given that the official attitude to the K-1 promotion very difficult and even impossible to reach, Fight Site can not disclose what they have to say about all the owners and leaders of the once highly respected promotion, and now shame that not even reminiscent of the once famous Japanese K -1. Are you planning to K-1 even pay exorbitant financial debts fighters from Zagreb and if planned in which period of time, remains unknown ...


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Re: K-1 never paid Grand Prix 2012 Final fighters

Post by stu3ufc on Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:08 am




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Re: K-1 never paid Grand Prix 2012 Final fighters

Post by KakutogiBoomBap on Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:36 pm

stu3ufc wrote:disgusting

Exactly! wow, they still haven't been paid? I hope those guys are able to get their money somehow.

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