FKAs- Bellator Spotlight-Womans 145lb Division

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FKAs- Bellator Spotlight-Womans 145lb Division

Post by fka on Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:03 am

The Womans 145lb Division is another wide open division waiting to crown its champion,so with that oppurtunity comes talent looking to take advantage of it.Heres 5 more fighters to watch in 2017.

1)Julia Budd(9-2)33yrs 5'8 145lbs Training out of Gibson kickboxing and Pankration
10-2 muay thai record,only one to beat Gina Carano.

Currently on a seven fight win streak(3 in bellator) she is one of the bigger names in the division but still is looking for a win over a top name to place her in title contention.She has all the rounded skills to be a tough fight for many at 145 look for her to be a champ or fighting for the strap in 2017.

2)Alexis Dufresne(6-2)5'9 145lbs Training out of Top Rank Fitness

She proved she has the ground game to roll with the best in the division with a submission win over Marloes coenan,unfortunately Dufresne came in heavy for the fight somewhat spoiling her performance.If she can make weight and stay disciplined she could be a darkhorse challenger for the title in 2017.

3)Talita Nogueira(6-0)2ko/4subs 31yrs 5'10 145lbs Training out of Gracie FusionĀ 
2011 world juijitsu champion

She has an elite groundgame and good gnp as well as a growing boxing game.Undefeated with all finishes she is aggressive when an opportunity to finish comes,she has a fight with a big name fighter in Marloes Coenan coming and if she can win it will put the division on notice and put her in line for a title shot imo.

4)Arlene Blancowe(7-6)33yrs 5'5 145lbs Training out of Allegiance Combat
Pro boxing record (2-3)WIBA Champion

She has really good boxing but has had problems with grappling and mental errors.Somewhat at a crossroads at 2-2 in Bellator i expect her to adjust her gameplanning and get back on track in her career in 2017 .Her dirty boxing is great she just needs to use it more to tire opponents and score.

5)Adrienna Jenkins(19-6)35yrs 5'8 145lbs Training out of Miletich Martial Arts

A true veteran of the sport Adrienna has a great rounded game and looks to finish at all costs sometimes to her own detriment.18 of her 19 wins were by finish she has struggled with the elite fighters but has all the tools to be a fan favorite and a champion.All she needs is to tighten her game and get that elusive vig name win to put her in contention fir the belt in 2017.

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Re: FKAs- Bellator Spotlight-Womans 145lb Division

Post by InfinityLens on Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:24 pm

Coenen v Dufrense 2 for the title. Make a storyline about how pissed Coenen is about the weight thing.

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