ROAD announced more info for their million dollar tournament

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ROAD announced more info for their million dollar tournament

Post by Kingfedor on Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:10 am

ROAD announced more info for their million dollar 32-man Lightweight tournament, including promotions they are working with and where trials will be held.

China Trials
The first of the International Trials has been announced as the China Trials, which is taking place this coming Saturday, 19 November on Xiaomi ROAD FC 034 in Shijiazhuang. Six fighters from China and two who have competed extensively in China were selected for this 8-man tournament. The winners of the four matches will be seeded in the Tournament. The field includes Yao Honggang's protege Tao Shuoyu, KO artist Nuertiebieke Bahetihan, Sanda standout Yu Changzhao, warhorse Habiti, RUFF Champion Rodrigo Caporal, up and comers Huang Zhenyue and Shang Lianru, and hard-hitting judoka Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu.
Japan Trials
The second International Trials are the Japan Trials which will be held in the esteemed promotion DEEP. This will be a four man, one night tournament in which the winner earns the right to be seeded in the $1 Million Tournament. Aside from the Trials, well-known fighters and champions in Japan have already been invited to participate in the Tournament.
Eastern Europe Trials
The third of the International Trials will be held in Russia's MFP, which operates under an all-Russia MMA federation. ROAD FC and MFP have enjoyed a mutually beneficial cross-through flow of fighters. In these Trials, two MFP fighters and two from other regions will participate in this four man, one night tournament with the winner being seeded for the $1 Million.
Southeast Asia Trials
The fourth International Trials are the Southeast Asia Trials. The philippines have a long-standing culture of being fierce martial artists, and the Southeast Asian countries are beginning to produce exciting fighters now. These Trials are being planned for the Philippines. Two Filipino fighters and two others from Southeast Asian countries are expected to be invited as the Trials develop.
Korea, North and South America, and Europe Trials
The final International Trials will take place across two events in Korea. While ROAD FC is already in negotiations with top fighters from all over the world, the interest has been so overwhelming that these Trials have been set to include proponents from some of the most active MMA countries in the world. There are expected to be sixteen fighters from Korea, North and South America, and Europe who will compete in the first event. The eight winners will move onto the second Trials event, and the final four match winners will be seeded in the ROAD FC $1 Million Lightweight Tournament.



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Re: ROAD announced more info for their million dollar tournament

Post by CDF47 on Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:31 pm

Nice, international trials all over to get into the GP

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