Song Ga-Yeon Accuses Road FC Promoter of Abuse

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Song Ga-Yeon Accuses Road FC Promoter of Abuse

Post by Hamilcar on Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:58 pm

Song Ga-Yeon Accuses Road FC Promoter of Abuse

By Ko Dong-hwan

Korean female cage fighter Song Ga-yeon claims Korea's biggest mixed martial arts promoter forced her to pose for semi-nude photos and snooped into her private life.

In a Maxim interview released online on Feb. 10, Song said Road FC President Jung Mun-hong ordered her to do the photo-shooting to her shame.

She said she was "forced to wear only a thong" and to place a pad on her breasts."

Song, 22, who signed with Road FC in 2013, also told the men's magazine that Jung had consistently abused her verbally, treating her as "mentally challenged" in front of other members of his company.

She added that since she had openly had a romantic relationship with Road FC fighter and coach Seo Doo-won in 2014, Jung had persistently asked whether she had sex with Seo, 35.
Song thought she was "not obligated to tell him about such a private part of my life."

It is the first time Song has used a media outlet to complain about Road FC since she informed Jung that she would leave his company in January 2015 and won a lawsuit against Road FC in December 2016.

Song had sued the company for damaging her reputation (by claiming Seo had raped her) through press releases.

Song said the legal victory, which many did not predict, encouraged her to speak out more in public about how Road FC treated her not as a fighter but a model and an octagon girl.

Song said she had dreamed of becoming a cage fighter, for which she had prepared by going to a high school for bodyguard aspirants and qualifying in martial arts, including karate, judo, taekwondo, kendo and jeet kune do.

After leaving Road FC, Song said she had been training in the U.S., where she had better mixed martial arts (MMA) future than in Korea.

Her dispute with Road FC had made it difficult to find a training gym, she said.

Song's interview has been met with online criticism that she lied and betrayed Jung's stewardship.

Singer Park Sang-min, also a Road FC vice-executive, said he was "a close friend of Jung, who, despite being 10 years younger than me, has always been an older brother to me and has a pure soul."

The star denounced Song in an interview with a media outlet on Saturday, claiming she "should watch her mouth for incriminating Jung mentioning the sexual allegation."

Road FC male fighter Kwon A-sol and octagon girl Choi Seul-ki also spoke out on SNS, advising Song not to criticize Jung.

According to them, Jung is "our benefactor" and "my hope, dream, passion and love."

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Re: Song Ga-Yeon Accuses Road FC Promoter of Abuse

Post by fka on Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:52 pm

Dirty fuckers that shit is wrong.

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Re: Song Ga-Yeon Accuses Road FC Promoter of Abuse

Post by CDF47 on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:12 pm

That's pretty bad

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Re: Song Ga-Yeon Accuses Road FC Promoter of Abuse

Post by InfinityLens on Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:42 pm

If he did this he his is degenerate trash, but let's remember innocent until proven guilty.

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