No Holds Barred: It's No Holds Barred Day!

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No Holds Barred: It's No Holds Barred Day!

Post by nhbnews on Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:18 am

It's No Holds Barred Day! To commemorate the eleventh anniversary of the first episode of this podcast, posted on March 6, 2006, here is a reposting in its entirety of that first episode. Here also is the original description of that show:

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
"No Holds Barred" Returns: Eddie Goldman interviews Frank Shamrock

It took longer than hoped for, but as promised, "No Holds Barred" is back.

From 1999 to 2001, five days a week, every week, the original "No Holds Barred" daily talk show ran live on the now-defunct Internet radio network. We did 400 shows and over 1000 interviews on "No Holds Barred", and, according to figures provided to us from the servers, had about 15,000 listeners a week. I was the host with my able producer Al Gattullo riding shotgun.

But in July 2001, closed its doors. It was partially the victim of being somewhat ahead of its time, but also was slain by those who profited from keeping new forms of media in general and the Internet in particular from succeeding. Tellingly, in the almost five years since its demise, and despite the unchecked advance of all sorts of new technology, has neither been revived nor replaced.

For myself as host, this put me on another journey in search of a suitable place and method of bringing the show back. As many know, I have recently started as host of an Internet radio boxing show called SecondsOut Radio.

Now after many months of planning and work, we are able to announce the return of "No Holds Barred".

This new incarnation of the show will have some important differences with the version. That was a live show, webcast from the studios funded with the millions of dollars had raised (and burnt through in two years). We have no such money tree, although we do have some great sponsors.

The old show, being live, was able to do up-to-date news. This show will be weekly and prerecorded, and thus will focus more on interviews and a talk format. Besides, there are numerous web sites posting news from the combat sports almost as fast as it happens.

But the new show will be the same in two key departments.

First, it will cover all the combat sports (although most of my boxing audio interviews will be done on SecondsOut Radio).

Second, this damn show will be, so long as I can be a host, NO HOLDS BARRED, telling it like it is, speaking truth to power, and leaving the baloney to those who butcher the truth, logic, facts, science, reason, and history in search of a dirty dollar.

On the first edition of the return of "No Holds Barred," we speak with former mixed martial arts fighter of the year Frank Shamrock. On Friday, March 10, in San Jose, Calif., after being out of the spotlight for several years, Frank returns to action to fight Cesar Gracie.

You can play or download No Holds Barred here and here. If one link does not work, please try another.

No Holds Barred is available at Google Play Music.

Also, No Holds Barred is available through iTunes.

You can also listen to No Holds Barred via Stitcher through iOS or Android devices or on the web here.

The PodOmatic Podcast Player app is available for free, both for Android at Google Play, and for iOS on the App Store.

The No Holds Barred theme song is called "The Heist", which is also available on iTunes by composer Ian Snow.

No Holds Barred is sponsored by:

Skullz Double-End Bags, the perfect bag for your combat sports training. Skullz Double-End Bags provide a realistic striking target, and help improve timing, distance, and hand and eye coordination. Hang it and hit it right out of the box! No pump required. For more information, go to

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Thanks, Eddie Goldman

No Holds Barred

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