Two important articles on the state of the UFC

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Two important articles on the state of the UFC

Post by InfinityLens on Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:20 pm

Everybody should read these. An interesting thing I didn't know before was that not only does WME-IMG have $4billion debt but they did it partially via loan! They are getting charged like $137million a year in interest, didn't the UFC only make like $180million in it's best year?

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Re: Two important articles on the state of the UFC

Post by Rocksoldier84 on Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:54 am

I would love to know how Zuffa robbed them blind. How were they able to sucker WME into buying the company for $4 Billion? Are WME that stupid or was something shady going on?

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Re: Two important articles on the state of the UFC

Post by Hamilcar on Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:53 pm

This is amazing. I didn't know things were that bad.

If you’re fighting in the UFC? That’s not a good thing.
From Sherdog of all places.

Also, can someone interpret this for me?

The UFC allowing fighters to enter free agency, as a broader concept, is not a new one, nor is the promotion letting athletes walk. During the Zuffa era, the UFC constantly sought to re-sign quality talent before contracts expired to increase its own bargaining power, and when coveted talents tried to throw around their or the promotion wanted to hurt a fighter's position heading into free agency, we would get fights like Stephen Thompson-Rory MacDonald, Kenny Florian-Roger Huerta or the particularly cruel Tim Sylvia-Brandon Vera.

Early under Zuffa ownership, if a champion wanted more money than the floundering UFC thought was reasonable, it would let them back up and head to Japan, hence Jens Pulver and Murilo Bustamante's abbreviated title reigns.

I'm really not sure what he's talking about here. I guess I've been out of the loop.


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