crocop vs satoshi ishii for New Years at Inoki b- ba-ye

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crocop vs satoshi ishii for New Years at Inoki b- ba-ye

Post by MR.WILLIE on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:55 pm

New Years at Inoki promotion

Believe it or not it is a true information that is Fight Site exclusively learned from Filipovic managers Orsat Zovko. Cro Cop will be either in October or November in the Russian capital for the second time in his career to enter the ring against Alexander Emelianenko. The duel will take place under the baton of rich Russian martial promotions Legend who recently celebrated duel Badr Hari and stab Samedi.

Cro Cop announces match against Emelianenko: On my side of the experience and heavy matches!
"After winning the K-1 WGP title we've had offers from all over the world, from the Brazilians who were most determined to Japan, the U.S., and even most of Europe.

 Mirko first I suggested that a good rest after the final and the next two months do we think about the next match. Last month I was intensely negotiated and we agreed that by the end of the year do two or three matches. each match must be a particular challenge for him, "said Zovko and added a few words about Alexander Emelianenko :
"I do not even have to mention that Emelianenko name itself speaks that it is today the world martial arts duo. Think that sports provide a rematch one of the legends of the sport and it has on its territory as to Cro Cop and our entire team is additional challenge and a maximum motive. "

Zovko our EXCLUSIVE revealed some plans ahead for the Croatian martial legend in 2013 ...
"Intense negotiations with the Japanese to Mirko again occurs in one of the most famous Japanese tournament - Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye on New Year's Eve. As I said in the previous match in Moscow, the opponent in Tokyo has to be a special challenge and an additional motive. It about Satoshi Ishii who was Olympic champion, defeated and fighters like Minow, former UFC sheep McCorklea, former UFC champion Sylvia Tyma and final appearance of another former triple UFC contender Pedro Rizzo. Negotiations are still ongoing, but we hope that we will to quickly come to an end, " says Zovko.

It will be the first appearance for Cro Cop after feasting on the K-1 WGP Final to be held this March at Zagreb, but also his first MMA match since the match against Shinichi Suzukawe on Inoki Bomb-Ba-Ye event on New Year's Eve in Japan.
Emelianenko, on the other hand, his last match did precisely LENGEDE 25th May at the same event where they performed Hari and Zamedov. Fedorov's younger brother without any problems in the first round of disruption defeated Bob Sapp. Rus has lately mainly performed at M-1 shows where the string a few good wins except losing to Jeff Monson in November last year. Total Career Professionals Aleksander Emelianenko has 22 wins and 6 losses, and their best days were spent at the legendary Pride when he performed with his brother Fedor.

Some of the fighters that won the Sergei Kharitonov, James Thompson and Ibragim Magomedov. The first duel Cro Cop and Emelianenko took place 15 August 2004 (9 years ago) at Pride Final Conflict tournament in Saitama Super Arena. Cro Cop was celebrated in his quite possibly the best MMA bout career, first hitting the Russians their trademark "high kick", and then the job is completed brutal blows on the floor. It was also an introduction to the match against Alexander's brother Fedor for the title then the most prestigious global promotion.


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Re: crocop vs satoshi ishii for New Years at Inoki b- ba-ye

Post by wekka on Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:56 am

Good fight for Ishii. I look forward to this!

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Re: crocop vs satoshi ishii for New Years at Inoki b- ba-ye

Post by CDF47 on Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:25 pm

^Same here.  I think Ishii takes this.  CC taking on Aleks and then Ishii, good to see him back after K-1 win, although that wasn't the most stacked tournament ever.

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